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Why You need an As-Built Survey for that Project


As the name implies, an asbuilt survey is to show a property “as it is built”. Many a times there is a great gulf between what was designed and what is eventually executed within a project. Legitimate factors come in to play along the line. While a preconstruction survey is carried out prior to construction work, Asbuilt survey is conducted to show the varying stages of a project.


You may say, “why should I still carry out a survey while my construction is still in progress or after my project has been successfully executed?”

The collapse of Many buildings and expensive structures could have been avoided by means of a proper Asbuilt survey. The cause of many failed projects could have been discovered in just few minutes of survey.

Financial crises creep into many projects not in planning stages but during execution. Why not monitor your progress? An asbuilt survey is a great project management tool to adjust construction schedules as required and to plan subcontractor work schedules and payments. Legal battles between clients and contractors around project duration and delivery could be easily won or rather avoided with a simple as built survey.

An asbuilt survey serves as a close out document to verify to your client that the work was completed according to plan and in compliance with all relevant standards and regulations.


  • Aerial survey of project sites can be conducted using UAVs to obtain High resolution Imageries for proper planning and progress update presentations.
  • High precision and Accuracy spatial data set (Coordinates of points of interest acquired to millimeter accuracy) for confirmation of specifications and design.
  • Vector and Raster Map of project site.
  • Details and status of Topographic or Hydrographic features presented in GIS format.


Sacredion Nigeria Limited provides full range of surveying services that may be required at various times and phases of a project;

With our state-of-the-art fleet of survey equipment and crew of professionals, we deliver high quality datasets as required by our clients in different sectors; Oil and Gas, Construction, Agriculture, Real Estate, Maritime etc.

Our services in this line include;

  • Engineering Design Surveys
  • Constructions Staking out and site Layout surveys
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Construction Certification / Verification Surveys
  • Hydrographic Surveys
  • Global Positioning Surveys

And many more…

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