Sub-Dealer Recruitment

Sacredion is recruiting Sub-dealers for the distribution of Tersus GNSS across West Africa.

Sacredion is the Exclusive Reseller of Tersus GNSS across West Africa. Tersus GNSS has long believed that a strong and professional dealership plays a strategic role in the business development. Tersus GNSS has a strong group of dealers all over the world who are passionate about building and strengthening its brand and portfolio. We are welcoming more potential ones to join us supporting our customers across West Africa and we expect that together, we will continue to support and enhance the Tersus GNSS experience and achieve a successful, long-term partnership.

If you are an experienced reseller, you are more than welcome to join us. If you are about to start a new business and become our sub-dealer, you are also welcome to the Sacredion team. With Tersus GNSS’s expertise plus your talent, we will make it happen as a team.

Sub-Dealer Recruitment Form

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