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Safety First

The obvious reason to take our UAV Training is to master the basics of flight, but there are also some secondary reasons you may not have considered:

Safety. Let’s get the easiest one out of the way first. I have no data to back this up beyond my own experience but most drone crashes I have seen happen within the first two minutes of launching the drone. Improper GPS calibration or control settings can cause a crash that has nothing to do with your piloting skills and everything to do with your initial setup.

On top of this, an improperly calibrated drone can just fly away on you.

A good training course will address safety first because everyone wants to make sure you protect your new investment.

If you are looking to use your drone to start a business, customers are going to want to be assured you know what you are doing.

Get the most out of your drone Just like you probably don’t use every feature on your phone, you won’t use every feature of your drone unless you know how they work. For example, most drones today include a return to home functionality that automatically lands the drone. Most drones with this feature have the default set to land where the drone took off. Super useful right?

But what if you want to launch your drone from the banks of a river or, even more tricky, from a boat? The home point the drone recognizes is usually about a 10 square foot area and if you are launching next to a body of water or on the roof of a building, a few extra feet could make tremendous difference.

The good news is, drones with return to home functionality can be told to return to the location of the receiver instead of the launch point. Would you know how to change this setting on the fly?

Having knowledge of the rules and regulations is one thing, but actually knowing how to fly and set up a drone is another.

Not knowing how to properly set up a drone for flight is very dangerous. If you do not calibrate the drone correctly, or have the batteries charged fully it can get you in some major trouble.

Knowing everything one needs to know is not only important for safety, but it also makes the pilot much more confident while flying the drone.

Fly your drone in a safe and responsible way. Be prepared and know your surroundings.

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