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Ready To Take Flight

With our UAV training, we are poised to produce talented individuals with equal and extraordinary proportions of industry expertise, problem solving ability and inclination.

Don’t miss this opportunity to master mapping with our UAV training that covers photogrammetry processing and you will fly real flight missions to test various acquisition strategies!

Our advanced expert training course takes you through the complete process with a program designed to cover everything you need to know.

We pay much attention to the practical flying and piloting elements of training, ensuring hands on practice with an actual drone, through the use of expert instructors and drone operators.

Why UAV?

The possibility to shorten the surveying process through the support of UAV solutions contains the potential to enormously reduce the time and monetary investment for every project, for every surveying company. Surveyors can not only increase their productivity by being able to carry out more projects in the same amount of time, but they can also work with a more qualitative dataset, which makes it possible to conduct better, more thorough planning.

Don’t miss out our UAV training opportunities!

Learn to fly a drone as a professional!

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