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Fly And Capture Drone Imagery

Sacredion Nigeria Limited offers Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Training! At the training, participants get a detailed information of all the steps involved in flight planning and execution and how you can go about processing the images captured to get the needed outputs.

Why UAV?

The possibility to shorten the surveying process through the support of UAV solutions contains the potential to enormously reduce the time and monetary investment for every project, for every surveying company. Surveyors can not only increase their productivity by being able to carry out more projects in the same amount of time, but they can also work with a more qualitative dataset, which makes it possible to conduct better, more thorough planning.

We offer UAV Pilot Training Program to help get you even more ready and enthusiastic to service the surveying industry. The training consists of three phases conducted by our expert flight instructors:

  • Phase 1 (tutorial : flight planning)
  • Phase 2 (hands-on flight training)
  • Phase 3 (data processing)

In this training course you will learn about the basics of aerial imaging for data acquisition in various fields including:

  • Mapping
  • Surveying
  • Agriculture

We are expanding this offering to provide comprehensive unmanned aerial vehicle training which is designed to achieve the highest levels of accuracy and proficiency in the industry. This industry-leading program is built upon our experience with unmanned training.

Who this course is for: Anyone who is passionate about drone applications
Anyone who wants to start a drone survey business
Anyone who wants to add drone surveying to their existing services
This training does not need any prior drone related experience. Anyone can take it up! Get your employees educated with the experts!

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