About Us

Our Scope

SACREDION NIGERIA LIMITED integrates IT, Engineering, Surveying, Geospatial and Geoscience technology in delivering exceptional professional services cutting across construction, telecommunication, information technology, real estate and oil and gas industries. We are a team of cross disciplinary professionals offering the services that cuts across Geospatial, Engineering and IT Infrastructural Services. Our Services Include:

Our Vision

To be a globally recognized provider of geospatial solutions and services cutting across industries such as Environment, Land Administration, Infrastructure, Security, and Energy.

Our Mission

To provide outstanding value in our service delivery through collaboration, innovation and creativity.

Core Values

Our cores values are Integrity, Excellence and Professionalism.


We have a corporate culture that integrates our core values in providing optimal services delivery to our clients. The dedication, great working relationship and commitment of our people are what drive the outcome of our excellent services.

We provide the best geospatial solutions, services and equipment.

We are only a click of a button away.